MKI is a consulting firm which specializes in strategic performance management and human resources development. Our innovative approach of SCBHRM goes beyond the conventional HR solution which transcends an ordinary Competency Based Human Resources Management into a more strategic and yet practical approach to transform strategy into operations. The end-to-end solution has generated substantial demands from various private sectors, non-profit organizations and government institutions that are striving in becoming Strategy- Focused Organization (SFO).

Established in the late of 1990s, MKI was founded by several key members of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN).  As prominent business leaders, they recognized the value and contributions of their human resources. They understand the implementation of competency-based systems which are in alignment with the organization’s strategy would be critical in improving performance and competitiveness.

With this need in mind, the founders have conceptualized a one-stop-shop which aims to provide a well-rounded service in strategic management practices and human resources development. Our services stretch from assistance in strategic plan development, organization and individual performance indicators to capacity buildings and outsourcings.


To become big ten preferred business partner in  maximizing customer performance in 2012


To provide  integrated strategic performance management solution to improve organizational performance in achieving performance excellence


Strategic Performance Management Consulting


In today’s competitive world, organizations are motivated by pressures for positive change and reorganization. The key to stimulate this motivation is to have a strategic plan in place and to proactively and consistently use this plan as basis to enhance execution. Through this understanding, level of competence can be identified to maximize the company’s performance.

At  MKI, we believe that there are three basic components in managing organizational performance which begins with Strategic Planning, to Strategic Performance Management, and eventually pinnacled in Strategic Competency Based Human Resource Management. These components will embody solutions which reflect powerful alignments between company’s business strategies with its operations, particularly with the individual performance of its human resources.